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Graduation Exit Exam

Students graduating with an Associate degree are required to take the California Critical Thinking Skills test as part of the graduation requirement. Technical Certificates are exempt. Students take this test during their final semester.

The test is a 45-minute, computerized test of 34 questions.

California Critical Thinking Skills Test Information

Exit Exam Practice Test

If you are graduating and have already completed all courses, please register as soon as possible.

If you are graduating Spring/Summer 2017, please register for dates February 2017 - April 2017.

If you are graduating Fall 2017, please register for dates in August 2017-November 2017

If you prefer to take the test at a satellite campus, please contact that campus because their schedule will differ from the Nashville campus.

In order to register for Graduation Exit Exam, please click the date and testing time that is convenient for you.