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How Can RegisterBlast Help Administrators?

RegisterBlast streamlines the entire registration process from choosing exams, to scheduling and payment. RegisterBlast manages the tedious details so you can focus on running a successful testing center.

Benefits include:

  • 24/7 Online registration
  • Registration deadlines
  • Fee collection
  • Reduction in # of no-shows
  • Automated test date reminder for students
  • Seating limitations to ensure no overbooking
  • Reduction in paperwork and phone calls
  • Automated email confirmation for registered students
  • Stress free, PCI compliant security

How can students benefit from RegisterBlast?

With RegisterBlast, students can register for the necessary exam in a quick and efficient manner. They simply click on the exam needed, choose a testing date and then pay any needed fees online. The process is complete when the student receives an email confirming the details of their registration.

  • 24/7 Registration
  • Seating reservation
  • 100% online accessible. No lines, parking, maps, etc.
  • Advance payment
  • Completely safe and secure