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YES II Caimito Panama - June 22-30, 2018 - Spencer Broome

Before You Start Your Campaign Registration...


Failure to complete the following items may result in you NOT being able to participate in a campaign...


1. The Registration Form MUST be received 90 days prior to the campaign. This allows us to make all the necessary arrangements--housing, food, transportation.

2. The Registration Form MUST be filled in completely.

3. A PASSPORT is required for travel outside the United States.

    The passport expiration date must be, as a minimum, six-months beyond the entry date back into the United States. If it is not, the airlines will not allow you to depart the United States.

    A CLEAR, COLOR copy of your Passport Photo/ID Page must be either by Emailed or Snail Mailed as soon as possible after submitting your Registration.


We are sorry, but the registration period for this event has closed.