FSU RegisterBlast Policy

1. Each exam administered at the Testing Center will have time slots available on our RegisterBlast website, containing enough spaces available for students based on the course’s enrollment and the exam window.

2. The time slots will be available on RegisterBlast within a minimum of two weeks before the exam’s start date. The spaces of every time slot will be determined by the even distribution of the amount of students enrolled in the course.

3. Time slots will remain open throughout the entire exam’s window; until a time slot is full or the time is past.

4. All time slots are available on a first-come, first-choice basis.

5. Students will be able to reschedule future appointments using the self-rescheduling tool in RegisterBlast. The ability to reschedule an exam will depend on the availability of free time slots. If no other times are available the student cannot reschedule.

6. Students that do not show for appointments will not be able to reschedule by themselves. They must email Regblast@campus.fsu.edu to request cancellation of their missed appointment in order to schedule a new testing time. It is the student’s responsibility to find an available time slot and sign-up the new time after the original time is canceled by the Testing Center.

7. Students cannot walk-in to take the exam without an appointment under any circumstances.

8. The Testing Center will not reschedule students that missed an appointment and cannot find another time. If no other time slots are available, the student will be referred to the class syllabus for guidance.

9. Students missing their exams due to an emergency (illness, family emergency, or other documented reason) must contact their instructor. The instructor may request an extension, but the Test Administrator must approve the request. The FSU Testing Center cannot accommodate every extension request from instructors.