How to Reschedule

UTC Rescheduling Policy :

  • Candidates can reschedule their exam appointment up to 72 hours prior to their current test date and time for a cost of $20.  Please see the section below on “How to Reschedule Your Appointment.”
    • If a candidate submits payment to reschedule their exam within 72 hours of their current test date and time, their rescheduling request will be cancelled and all rescheduling costs will be forfeited.
  • Candidates may only reschedule their test date to another date and time that is currently open and available on the calendar. Candidates may not reschedule their appointment to unreleased dates.

Rescheduling Cost: $20 per reschedule

In order to reschedule your exam, you will need to know/have the following:

  • The test date/time you are currently scheduled for
  • Your top three (3) preferred rescheduling dates/times that is currently open and available. (See "How to View Open/Available Test Dates")

How to View Open/Available Test Dates:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Choose a group.
  3. Choose an exam.
  4. Under Choose a Date, click on the calendar icon.
    1. Dates that are in bold and underline have time(s) that are available. Click on your desired test date.
  5. Under Choose a Time, click on the down arrow symbol to see what specific time is open.

How to Reschedule Your Appointment:

  1. Choose a group. Select Administrative Costs.
  2. Choose an group. Select Reschedule Your Test Appointment.
  3. Choose an exam. Select [Exam name] - Rescheduling ($20.00)
  4. Under Who is taking this exam, complete all necessary fields.
  5. Under Exam guideline acknowledgement, check the box to agree to the guidelines.
  6. Under Needed information, complete all necessary fields.
  7. Select Add to Cart and proceed with payment information.
  8. After successfully submitting payment, you will receive an email confirmation from RegisterBlast. Please allow 1-2 business days for a UTC Staff member to follow-up with you via email.