Exam Registration

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Current UCO students can use this site to register for UCO online course exams other than those offered by the College of Business.

If you are taking a College of Business course (ACCT, BADM, BCOM, ECON, ENTR, FIN, ISOM, MBA, MRKT, MGMT, MLSC, MBSA), please visit http://www.registerblast.com/ucobusiness to register for your exam.

* Note, if you do not know the college associated with your subject, please see the List of Colleges.  

** Only exams that have been registered in our eLearning Testing Center are listed below.  If your exam is not listed, please contact your UCO professor and let them know you would like to have your exam proctored at the UCO eLearning Testing Center.  

PLEASE NOTE: Exams must be scheduled at least 2 hours in advance. If you are attempting to schedule a last-minute exam, please contact the eLearning Testing Center at (405)974-2347 for assistance.