Information from OEA

Important Information about Scheduling

The OEA Testing Center will be using block scheduling for all testing appointments.  These blocks will allow for the double time accommodation (as well as the additional time necessary to disinfect between testing sessions). 

  • Due to the limited number of seats in the Testing Center, reservations will be handled on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Students will only be permitted to test for the amount of time their accommodation provides, they will not be able to test beyond their double time length. The remaining time in the reservation block will be used for disinfecting the testing area.

  • Students are permitted to leave before the end of their reservation time / once they are done testing, unless an instructor has stipulated they need to stay.

  • Students will be asked to leave the Testing Center once their double time has elapsed OR their reservation appointment has ended.

  • OEA will provide students with the materials necessary to sanitize their testing area. 

    • Students are expected to wipe down their own workstation before and after completing their quiz/test.

  • It is each student’s responsibility to show up at the time of their scheduled reservation.  

    • OEA cannot guarantee that a student will be able to begin before their reservation time if they arrive early.  

    • If a student arrives late they may either have to reschedule, after consulting with their instructor, or they will forfeit some of the double time if OEA is able to allow them to begin.

OEA Exam Guideline Acknowledgements

All students will be required to agree to the following guidelines in order to complete the registration process. This information will also show up on the student's email receipt(s) as a reminder:

My instructor is aware of the time and date that I am registering to take this test and has given me permission to take it at this time and date.

I will show up at the time of my testing reservation and will use only my reserved time slot for my test. I will do this to respect my fellow students’ testing reservations and to respect my instructor’s requirements.  

I will reign responsibly during my time in the OEA Testing Center by

  • Wearing a face covering.
  • Wiping down my testing station before and after my assessment
  • Observing the necessary physical distancing in confined spaces outside of the Testing Center
  • Following CDC guidelines to protect myself and others

I will not bring my cell phone or any other restricted materials into the testing environment (*you may bring a cell phone to the office).

I will limit the number of personal items I bring into OEA by only bringing with me the materials necessary to take my quiz/test.This includes:

  • ​My own face covering
  • My own equipment such as writing utensil, calculator, ruler, highlighter, etc. 

I will not bring the following personal items into the Testing Center unless they are required due to a registered accommodation:

  • Smart devices
  • Bag or Purse
  • Food or Drink
  • Baseball cap or sunglasses
  • Headphones

I will uphold the ODU Honor Code and I understand that I will be monitored during my quiz/test to ensure there is no violation of academic integrity.