Final Exam FAQs


What if my instructor is giving my final exam prior to finals week?

  • You will need to submit a regular test request through RegisterBlast for the date the instructor is giving the exam.


How can I find out when my final exam is scheduled for?


I have a final exam on Saturday, are you open?

  • During the fall semester, when the University Registrar schedules finals on a Saturday, we will be open with 8:30am or 12:30pm start time options. During the spring semester, we will not be open on Saturday. 


Why do I only have 2 choices of start times to take my finals in OEA?

  • We use 2 specific start times, 8:30am or 12:30pm, to accommodate your 6 hours and to help control the amount of traffic flow and commotion while you are testing in our office.
  • This information will be conveyed to your instructors in the test request email they receive from OEA.


Which time should I choose?

  • If your final exam is scheduled before 12:30pm, choose 8:30am.  If your final exam is scheduled for any time after 12:30pm, choose 12:30pm. 
  • If you are unsure, please check with your instructor.


Do I have to show up at the start time?

  • Yes.
  • If you sign up for 8:30am or 12:30pm, we expect you to come in at that time, not a later time.
  • Due to the use of different testing locations, we need everyone to arrive and start at the onset of the time blocks.


What if I have two or more finals scheduled on the same day?

  • We do not recommend you take more than one final per day due to time constraints.
  • Discuss with your instructors if taking a final on an alternative day when you do not have another exam scheduled is an option.   


What if I can’t take my final the day it is schedule for the class?

  • You must contact your instructor to receive permission to take the final on a different day.
  • Instructors have deadlines for turning in final grades, so you have to work with your instructor if your schedule does not allow you to take a final on the set date/time.  


What should I bring with me to take my final exam in OEA?

  • Limit your materials to only what is permitted or needed to complete the exam.
  • Please note, your instructor has to specify if you are allowed things such as notes or a calculator when they send OEA the final.
  • Our office will supply scratch paper, simple calculators, pencils, erasers, ear plugs, blue scantrons, and green scantrons.


What do I do if I miss the deadline to submit a final exam request online?

  • Please call OEA at 757-683-4655.